Real Talk

Our generation is one of the most passionate and apathetic groups of youth the world has ever seen. The things that we care about, we give our everything to and for and the other things that we have lower on our priority list get no love at all.  The topic of politics is definitely one that has historically been on the lesser end of the totem pole of things to care about for young adults except for in a couple of instances; our grandparents in the sixties and about two years ago when the face and the color of the white house made a historic change.  Even then, our knowledge about current policies and actions within the political realm were less than what they should have been for the magnitude of what was being decided.  Now that the excitement of having women as well as a person of color run for president has died, so has our enthusiasm and involvement.  Rather we are involved our not the government continues to make decisions that have a heavy impact on our daily lives. Regardless if your parents pay for everything for you or you have to support yourself, our generation will have to deal with the consequences (good or bad) from the decisions that are being made. Lets wake up and open our eyes because right now THE LIGHT IS OFF.

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  1. Caroline Barbers

    I must say after reading this my light is ON!!!

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